How to find the perfect internet provider?

Whenever I have to deal with site management, e-mails configurations, server, providing and all that stuff, I must have someone to talk to.

someone who will listen to my problems and help me solve them.

Not long ago I needed a place to host my web activities, such as Sofia Mechetner's site, which I design and maintenance.

The main factor about it was the service quality, and in particular the live availability of a supporter, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Also a user friendly interface, with easy, clear and clean design is a must, and finally, unlimited capacities and volumes of resources me and my web geek requires.

This means:
  • Web space with no borders at all,
  • Bandwidth with no traffic jams,
  • Sites to host - as much as I have,
  • Email addresses - as many as I need,
  • Reasonable price, let's say not more than a few dollars a month,
  • And last not least: installation ease, automated processes and no upseting bumpers when it comes to all that geeky stuff.

So I checked out around 10 of the most known providers, and would like to share with you herewith my experience: there is only one company who wins in all that noticed parameters:

"...And the winner is: Dreamhost!"

So if you need such a service simply go for it. You probably won't find a better one.

By the way, if you register with the code PROMOCODE2015 you will also get a life long free domain registration... Not bad at all...

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